Mission Statement

The mission of the Southwest Lacrosse Club (SWLC) is to provide a positive and supportive environment in which players develop their knowledge of the sport of lacrosse.

Board of Directors

The Southwest Titans Lacrosse Club board aims to provide structure, consistency, transparency, and continuity for our club and teams. We hope that the work we put into the program now will bring lacrosse to Seattle youth for years to come. Please feel free to contact us at swlctitans@gmail.com.

Mike J.


Responsible for the overall direction of the club in following all guidance provided by US Lacrosse and SMYLA. Recruits parents to assist as needed. Final approval of team expenditures prior to payment by Treasurer

Nikki S.

Vice President

Responsible for maintaining all player registration data and processes, including registration set up and assurance of proper payment. Responsible for club/team scheduling. She is new to the Board and will also focus on the player and parent experience. Nikki is also the President's backup and will focus on player safety.

Ian T.


Responsible for maintaining and monitoring club finances including approval and payment of all expenses. Additionally, responsible for filing all annual reports. Including any State or Federal registrations and the annual IRS Form 990 tax return.

Andy K.


As Secretary and a new member to the Board, Andy is responsible for communications to and from the Board, including social media.

Matt Y.


Due to his experience and various contributions to the Club Matt was elected as a non-voting member of the Board. In this capacity, he can continue to mentor and advise the Board by providing advice, identifying risks and opportunities, and sharing best practices and lessons learned.

Greg W.


Responsible for coordinating all marketing and social events related to recruiting activities and community engagement.

Peter C.

Equipment/Field Management

Responsible for organizing, maintaining, and distributing Team owned equipment and uniforms. Also assists Team Parents with collecting Team-owned equipment and Uniforms, as appropriate.

Randy A.

K2 Academy Director

Responsible for coordinating the Titans’ K-2 Academy program.

Volunteers Needed

If you have lacrosse knowledge and are willing help, please contact us at swlctitans@gmail.com. Even if you are completely new to lacrosse, we can use your help.

Examples include:

  • Coaches and Assistant Coaches

  • Game Timers and Scorekeepers 

  • Parent Coordinators for each team

  • Board Members to assist in the management of the club

Non-Board Positions

Head Coach

Leads players in practice and during games. Responsible for communicating directly with players all roles and responsibilities in compliance with the guidelines provided by US Lacrosse and SMYLA. Responsible for maintaining player safety.

Assistant Coach

Engages in duties as assigned by the Head Coach. Responsible for maintaining player safety.

Team Parent

Communications with Team Parents including answering questions and organizing extracurricular activities, such as Team gatherings. Recruits parents to assist with scorekeeping and spotting. Also includes organizing and collecting any loaned club gear including uniforms, helmets, pads, and sticks.


Responsible for tracking scoring and maintaining log books during games.

Time Keeper

Respoonsible for tracking time during the game including timeouts and penalties.


Assist Scorekeeper and TimeKeeper as needed and necessary during games.

Club Information

PO BOX 69608